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AWCFM Participation Rules

  1. If you decide to arrive early for food distribution, please be aware that the doors will not open before 4 p.m.

  2. When you arrive, please fill out the sign in sheet.  You will be called to complete necessary paperwork and get your shopping list by the number on the sign-in sheet.

  3. You must not exceed the Income Eligibility Guidelines established by the Emergency Food Assistance Program to participate in shopping at AWCFM (See Eligibility Link).  AWCFM provides all items at no charge to recipients.

  4. You must be present to shop for your family.  You will not be allowed to shop for other families.  Nor will others be allowed to shop for you.  Be prepared to show a photo I.D. when asked by a staff member of AWCFM

  5. AWCFM will attempt to provide you with a minimum of three days of food according to the size of your family.

  6. An AWCFM volunteer will assist each shopper.  They will help you with your shopping such as lifting boxes, informing you of limits on certain items, and selecting items that best meet the needs of your size family.

  7. AWCFM will make every effort to have boxes available but not guaranteed.  For future shopping trips, you may wish to return with previous boxes or your own bags and boxes.

  8. The AWCFM is always open to suggestions and welcomes your feedback.  If you have any problems, please discuss with an AWCFM volunteer.  Questions can be directed to any AWCFM staff member.  An answer will be found for you.

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